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Commercial Exterior Painting Services

Are you looking for a painting contractor to paint the exterior of your commercial property? If so, then look no further! We are Local Quality Painting and we have been providing quality painting services for over 20 years. Our painters are skilled in all areas of commercial exterior painting including brick, metal, wood, stucco and vinyl siding. You can depend on us for superior craftsmanship with every project that we take on. To find out more about our commercial exterior painting services please contact one of our representatives today!

commercial exterior painting services

Our Commercial Exterior Preparation & Painting Process

Proper preparation is key to achieving high-quality commercial painting results. Before painting the exterior of your commercial property, we follow our tried and true process for prepping all surfaces that are to be painted.

Step one in this process is to do a “pre-paint walkthrough” during our inspection we are identifying any areas that need repairs and touch-ups.

Step two and the inspection phase is complete. It’s time to perform any repairs that may be needed, such as replacing rotted wood or siding, filling holes from previous signs or fixtures, etc. Sanding and smoothing all out repaired surfaces to match existing finishes. This is extremely important in achieving that smooth beautiful final result from your new paint job!

Step three is primer. Priming before painting is very critical because it creates a surface that the new paint will bond to. If this step is skipped, then your painting project can be less effective in protecting against moisture penetration and peeling of the final coat. Not priming all surfaces prior to painting can severely reduce the life of your paint job. We always use a high-quality primer that ensures maximum protection.

Now that all preparation steps are done it’s time to “Paint”. First comes the base coats, we always start painting from the bottom up. This helps to avoid lap marks that can result from starting at a higher elevation and working downward, as well as applying too much paint on those areas first causing puddles which can cause poor adhesion of topcoats later in the project.

In some cases, more than one base coat of paint is needed before the final coat. We always wait to apply our topcoat until after the base coat is completely dry. This is usually 24 hours or more depending on the type of paint used and environmental conditions such as humidity, temperature, etc. The topcoat finish can be a flat, satin sheen, semi-gloss blacktop enamel with an optional decorative flake or pearlescent effect that reflects light to add depth and character to your new paint job!

After the topcoat has been applied we then do another full inspection and walkthrough and make any final touch-ups. Our painting pros will then walk the project one more time with you to ensure you are happy with the final results.

If you are looking for a painting contractor who offers superior commercial exterior painting services, then look no further!

Boost employee morale & drive new customer traffic to your business with new paint

A clean work environment is a safe work environment and also increases employee engagement and productivity.

The first thing most potential customers notice when they pull up to your business is the exterior of your building. You want them to feel welcomed and excited about coming inside, but if the outside looks run-down or outdated you might be turning off prospective customers before they even step through your doors!

Painting the exterior of your commercial property is a huge investment and we understand that. The return on that is investment is hard to put a number on but its obvious that improving customer and employee experience will improve your business in many ways.

Paint your business and increase its value

On average remodeling, the exterior (this includes painting) increases the value of your commercial property by more than 11%

Painting is an excellent investment for your business, however, it’s also a big decision. There are so many color choices and paint finishes to choose from! Understanding the difference between flat paints vs semi-gloss vs high gloss can be confusing, but rest assured our painting pros have you covered and will make the color selection as seamless as possible.

High-Quality commercial Painting Services at reasonable prices

Local Quality Painting is committed to providing our customers with the highest level of customer service and the most competitive prices in the industry. Our painting pros are fully licensed, bonded, and insured for your protection.

We know that a quality paint job is a huge investment for any business owner or property manager so we strive on every project to guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Are you ready to renew your business’s look and feel with fresh paint?

 Local Quality Painting is your trusted commercial exterior painting company that has been providing quality service for over 20 years. We understand the needs of our clients and strive to provide them with complete satisfaction in both customer service and workmanship. Contact us today for a free quote/estimate!

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